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Cat Scratch Disease Bacteria

The National Veterinary Laboratory is the oldest private veterinary diagnostic laboratory in the United States. We are a specialty veterinary diagnostic laboratory and provide tests for the feline leukemia virus (FeLV), the cat scratch disease bacteria, Bartonella, and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Please click on a link below to open up the PDF file.

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Bartonella: Feline Diseases and Emerging Zoonosis
Bartonella: A New Etiological Agent of Feline Ocular Disease

NVL Newsletters: Table of Contents

Feral/Stray Cats, Shelters and Multiple Cat Households© Winter 2017 Vol. 16, Number 1
Honoring Those We Have Lost© Spring 2017 Vol. 16, Number 2

Diagnostic Tests for "The 3" Common Feline Pathogens© Winter 2016 Vol. 15, Number 1
Bartonella is not a "Lily-Livered" Pathogen© Spring 2016 Vol. 15, Number 2
Bartonella: That Gut Feeling© Summer 2016 Vol. 15, Number 3
India/Nepal and Kathmandu ("Cat Man Do")© Fall 2016 Vol. 15, Number 4

Bartonella Transmission: Reservoirs and Vectors Winter 2015 Vol. 14, Number 1
Bartonella Association with Autoimmune Diseases Spring 2015 Vol. 14, Number 2
The Human Bartonella Paradigm Has Changed Summer 2015 Vol. 14, Number 3
The FeBart (Bartonella) Test is Sweet 16 Fall 2015 Vol. 14, Number 4

Goodhearted Veterinarians and Bartonella Winter 2014 Vol. 13, Number 1
Veterinarian's Questions about Bartonella! Spring 2014 Vol. 13, Number 2
Breathe Easier - Without Bartonella Summer 2014 Vol. 13, Number 3
Out of Africa: Pathogens and Pandemics Fall 2014 Vol. 13, Number 4

Bartonella Screening and Therapy Titration Tests Winter 2013 Vol. 12, Number 1
Let's Get Serious About Bartonella! Spring 2013 Vol. 12, Number 2
The Common Feline Pathogens of African Wild Cats! Summer 2013 Vol. 12, Number 3
Bartonella and Your Immunocompromised Clients! Fall 2013 Vol. 12, Number 4

Honoring People Who Made a Difference: 2011 was a Year of Great Loss Winter 2012 Vol. 11, Number 1
7th International Conference on Bartonella as Animal and Human Pathogens Spring 2012 Vol. 11, Number 2
The History of Bartonella: From Antiquity to the Present Summer 2012 Vol. 11, Number 3
Bartonella and Pregnancy Fall 2012 Vol. 11, Number 4

Science's Major Accomplishments of the First Decade of the 21st Century Winter 2011 Vol. 10, Number 1
Healthy Cats: To Test or Not to Test? That is the Question Spring 2011 Vol. 10, Number 2
1st International One Health Congress Summer 2011 Vol. 10, Number 3
Bartonella Induced Oral Inflammatory Disease of Cats Fall 2011 Vol. 10, Number 4

Do Bartonella Cause Disease in Cats? I. Experimental Support Winter 2010 Vol. 9, Number 1
Do Bartonella Cause Disease in Cats? II. Evidence from Pet Cats Spring 2010 Vol. 9, Number 2
One Medicine, One Health and Us Summer 2010 Vol. 9, Number 3
Bartonellosis: Cat Scratch Disease and Sequelae Fall 2010 Vol. 9, Number 4

What’s On Your Plate—lets? Bartonella? Winter 2009 Vol. 8, Number 1
The Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV): The FIV Test Patent Has Expired Spring 2009 Vol. 8, Number 2
What is the Best Test for Detection of Bartonella Infection? Summer 2009 Vol. 8 Number 3
6th International Conference on Bartonella as Medical & Veterinary Pathogens Fall 2009 Vol. 8, Number 4

Recent Bartonella Publications: Winter 2008 Vol. 7, Number 1
Have a Heart or Broken Heart: Bartonella and Cardiovascular Diseases Spring 2008 Vol. 7, Number 2
Therapy of Bartonella Infection and Disease Summer 2008 Vol. 7, Number 3
Kids, Kittens, and Bartonella Fall 2008 Vol. 7, Number 4

Healthy Cats and Bartonella: Bartonella are More Important than
FeLV and FIV
Winter 2007 Vol. 6, Number 1
5th International Conference on Bartonella as Emerging Pathogens Spring 2007 Vol. 6, Number 2
Dogs and Bartonella Summer 2007 Vol. 6, Number 3
8th Anniversary of the FeBart Test Fall 2007 Vol. 6, Number 4

Feline Bartonella: Public Health Implications: Lessons Learned – Case Histories Winter 2006 Vol. 5, Number 1
The Eyes Have It: Bartonella Tropism Spring 2006 Vol. 5, Number 2
Feline Bartonella Have Some Nerve! Neurologic Diseases Caused by
Feline Bartonella
Summer 2006 Vol. 5, Number 3
Current Feline Leukemia Virus Research Supports: Confirm All In-Hospital FeLV ELISA Positive Tests by IFA Fall 2006 Vol. 5, Number 4

4th International Bartonella Meeting – Part 2 Winter 2005 Vol. 4, Number 1
Bartonella: Quick Reference Sheet Spring 2005 Vol. 4, Number 2
The Controversy Regarding Feline Bartonella Pathogenicity in Cats Summer 2005 Vol. 4, Number 3
Interpreting the FeBart Bartonella Test Results Fall 2005 Vol. 4, Number 4

Feline Bartonella Test Results and More Public Health Implications Winter 2004 Vol. 3, Number 1
Bartonella What is the Veterinarian's Legal Responsibility? Spring 2004 Vol. 3, Number 2
Commonly Asked Bartonella Questions Summer 2004 Vol. 3, Number 3
4th International Bartonella Conference – Part 1 Fall 2004 Vol. 3, Number 4

Bartonella in Kittens and Bartonella Therapy Evaluation Winter 2003 Vol. 2, Number 1
Bartonella Diseases in Veterinarians, Their Families and Employees, and Their Cat Owner Clients Spring 2003 Vol. 2, Number 2
Feline Bartonella Diseases: Pathogenesis and Description Summer 2003 Vol. 2, Number 3
Bartonella and Skin Diseases Fall 2003 Vol. 2, Number 4

Feline Bartonella Incidence: Reasons to Test All Cats for Bartonella Winter 2002 Vol. 1, Number 1
Bartonella and Public Health: Reasons to Test ALL Cats for Bartonella Spring 2002 Vol. 1, Number 2
Clinical Practice & Bartonella Testing: Experience from Practitioners in NC & MA Summer 2002 Vol. 1, Number 3
Feline Leukemia Virus- FeLV Fall 2002 Vol. 1, Number 4

Bartonella (Cat Scratch Disease Bacteria)
Experimental Induced Bartonella Diseases of Cats

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